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Results :: National Championship TT

Currently selected: National Championship TT 2021.
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National Championship TT
Country LAT Latvia (LAT)
Type Single-day race
Category 7. National Champs
Date Wednesday, June 16, 2021


Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Country UCI Team Rider Points
1. LAT TFS Toms Skujins 100

Top 10 Scoring Teams

DS Team Score
1. naunce Sneaky Hiding Ninjas 100
LeZanze Zanze random team 100
chwsekot Rush 100
Jjjsixsix crappy team 100
dave.49 Dave's team 100
BlackBeardMN Consummate Vees 100
Mrs Seemsez Annual Contractual Agreement 100
Wiley American Silver Surfer 100
Roseanna Pendlebury Tilting at (Absent) Windmills 100
TheFABIolous TriumphwieRad 100