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Results :: National Championship TT

Currently selected: National Championship TT 2020.
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National Championship TT
Country AUT Austria (AUT)
Type Single-day race
Category 7. National Champs
Date Saturday, August 22, 2020


Saturday, August 22, 2020

Country UCI Team Rider Points
1. AUT ISN Matthias Brändle 100

Top 10 Scoring Teams

DS Team Score
1. Protean23 Podium Masters 100
Samuel Messberg Messberg Star Team 100
GreylockGrinder BoPenYang 100
bramzoti Ramzoti Pro Cycling Team 6.0 (ALB) 100
blez Ignorant Rider 100
bangorguy AustroPopGoesTheWeasel 100
marleen888 Ride On! 100
manakeri KesselinKiisseli 100