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Results :: National Championship RR

Currently selected: National Championship RR 2020.
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National Championship RR
Country DEN Denmark (DEN)
Type Single-day race
Category 7. National Champs
Date Sunday, August 23, 2020


Sunday, August 23, 2020

Country UCI Team Rider Points
1. DEN DQT Kasper Asgreen 100

Top 10 Scoring Teams

DS Team Score
1. bobystany RoRoRO 100
OldShyster Old Shysters 100
Velodad2015 Rubber Side Down 100
Arnold Rimmer Team nCov Survivors 100
crlloyd261 Rotational Ruckus 100
msbee last minute panic 100
hunterp94 Cross is Coming 100
Carramar40 Carramar40 100
gdescours7 Descoursse 100
Aquatarkus The Chain Gang 100