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Results :: National Championship TT

Currently selected: National Championship TT 2020.
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National Championship TT
Country NOR Norway (NOR)
Type Single-day race
Category 7. National Champs
Date Saturday, July 25, 2020


Saturday, July 25, 2020

Country UCI Team Rider Points
1. NOR UXT Andreas Leknessund 100

Top 10 Scoring Teams

DS Team Score
1. Muddy_Waters Muddy_Waters 100
Holdenmate Wheels of eels 100
SilentLegs MuteLegs 100
utsira Tromsø Gingerbreadmanunion 100
SkinnyNie Woh onw hwat iwll ahppen? 100
clvelo clvelo 100
Northrop New Day Coop 100
TheFigurehead Team Name Intentionally Left Blank 100
catokarbol Team Karbol 100
Walter_Morgan #AnyonebutNelo 100