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Results :: National Championship TT

Currently selected: National Championship TT 2019.
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National Championship TT
Country EST Estonia (EST)
Type Single-day race
Category 7. National Champs
Date Thursday, June 27, 2019


Thursday, June 27, 2019

Country UCI Team Rider Points
1. EST TDE Rein Taaramäe 100

Top 10 Scoring Teams

DS Team Score
1. MyRabbitEars Die Schokoladenseite des Radfahrens 100
SPAM101 To Infinity and De Ronde 100
Zhengxin Wang Venga PePe! 100
veloboy Club Birota Rupicapra 100
gdescours7 Trikteam 100
naunce Sneaky Hiding Ninjas 100
bsmashers Starks Rising 100
shawes cadenza 100
roffe Biking Pedal Punks 100
RE56 TBA 100